Seven Pillars of Wisdom Fun Activities

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Create a Boardgame

Create a boardgame based on the book. Use actual events, characters, and places in order to create the game.

Create a Crossword Puzzle

Create a crossword puzzle where the clues and answers are based on the book.

Illustrate a Chapter

Design illustrations for at least five chapters.

Create a Movie Poster

Create a poster for the movie version of this book. Include what rating it would be, who would produce it, and who would star in the movie.

Puppet Show or Other Production

Create and design a puppet show or other production that would be based on the book and major themes presented in the book.

Alternate Ending

Using the ideas, themes, characters, and events in the book, write an alternate ending for the story.

Write a Song

Write a song about the book. It can be about your reaction to the book or actual...

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