Seven Pillars of Wisdom Character Descriptions

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T. E. Lawrence

This character was born in Wales, educated at Oxford, and on an archaeological dig when World War I begins.

Hussein ibn Ali

This character is the Sherif of Mecca and is known as the King.


This character is thirty-seven years old and is a Sunni price.


This character is a second son and leads an army during the war.


This character is a third son and is an officer in the Turkish army.


This character is the youngest son and leads an army at the young age of nineteen.

Jemal Pasha

This character is the Turkish commander of the Eighth Army Corps in Syria.

Colonel Clayton

This character serves as chief of intelligence in Egypt and is liked because he allows his staff to take the responsibility to make their own decisions.

General Allenby

This character served in France before being...

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