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Introduction, Foundations of Revolt Chapters 1 - 7

• Seven Pillars of Wisdom by T. E. Lawrence is the story of the Arab Revolt against the Turkish Empire and Lawrence's role in it.

• Lawrence was working for a museum on an archaeological dig when World War I broke out.

• He was commissioned into the British Army and attached to the Hejaz Expeditionary Force with Lawrence functioning as the British soldier attached to the Arab leadership in the revolt against the Turks.

• England is siding with the Arabs because Germany sides with the Turks and England wants to defeat Germany.

• The book begins with a discussion of how Lawrence is living in the desert because they are in the desert fighting for an ideal---freedom for the Arabs.

• Lawrence believes he can think as an Arab because of the way he has assimilated their culture.

• Lawrence defines an Arab as a person who...

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