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Joanne Hyppolite
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Short Answer Questions

1. What relationship does Anthony have with Reggie?

2. How does Seth feel about Samona's new giggly relationship with the girls whom she discusses the beauty pageant with?

3. When Seth arrives in the Gemini home, what are Nigel and Anthony surrounded by?

4. Who is the first to recognize Reggie when in the car, searching for him?

5. Whom does Seth think Jean-Claude and Chantal are fighting about?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

The setting of "Seth and Samona' is important to understanding the characters in the novel. First, describe the neighborhood where Seth and Samona grow up. Then, explain the inherent dangers that the children are subjected to here. Finally, explain how these dangers affect the characters of Seth and Samona.

Essay Topic 2

Matant Margaret's wake is a pivotal moment in Seth's life as he sees Haitian and American traditions come together. First, describe the events that unfold at Matant Margaret's wake. Why is Seth terrified of Haitian culture during this time? Then, explain how Matant Margaret's wake gives Seth a deeper understanding of his family dynamics.

Essay Topic 3

The turning point in Seth's relationship with Samona happens during the beauty pageant. First, explain how Seth felt about Samona leading up to the pageant. Then, explain how Seth came to Samona's rescue when she froze on stage during the pageant. Finally, explain how the beauty pageant altered the way Seth viewed his best friend, and how their relationship changed at the end of the novel

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