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Joanne Hyppolite
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Short Answer Questions

1. After the altercation, wWhat does Jean-Claude vow to do as soon as he gets home?

2. How long is Seth grounded when his parents find out he visited Mrs. Fabiyi?

3. How does Reggie react to seeing the children on the street?

4. After the altercation, how does Seth feel about his reaction?

5. How does Seth feel about Samona's chances at winning the beauty pageant?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Mrs. Gemini has a very unique way of parenting her children. First, describe Mrs. Gemini's character as she was described in the novel. Then, give one example of a time Mrs. Gemini made a poor decision within her household. How did this decision affect her children? What seems more important to Mrs. Gemini, her artwork or her children? How can you tell?

Essay Topic 2

Religion is something that is very important to both the Michelin and the Gemini families, although each family worships differently. First, explain the importance of religion in the Michelin family, and compare / contrast that to the importance in the Gemini family. Then, explain the differences Seth notes in the church services when he attends his own service and the Geminis' service on the same Sunday.

Essay Topic 3

Chantal Michelin is a character who is extremely unsatisfied with her life. Describe the role Chantal is forced to fill within the traditional Haitian household. Then, explain how Chantal attempts to rebel from this role. What is the reaction to her rebellion?

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