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Joanne Hyppolite
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Short Answer Questions

1. Which of the following pieces of artwork does Mrs. Fabiyi decorate her home with?

2. Who was the teacher on the day Samona joined Seth's classroom?

3. Who is Chantal?

4. Which of the following toiletry products did Seth and Samona sell door-to-door hoping to raise money?

5. What was Seth's first impression of Samona when she joined his classroom?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Grandmother react to the wake?

2. How do the Michelin parents punish their children for all the antics they've been involved with over the past few weeks?

3. How does Papi feel about Samona Gemini?

4. What does Samona wear on the night of the beauty pageant?

5. Who is Reggie, and why does his relationship with Jean-Claude make Seth nervous?

6. What memories about Matant Margaret does Seth recall at her wake?

7. From where did Seth's family immigrate, and how are the remnants of their homeland still present in their household?

8. How does Samona prepare for the beauty pageant while she is at school?

9. Who all comes out in support of Samona during the beauty pageant.

10. How does Seth get out of attending the church service with his family?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Throughout the course of the novel, all three Michelin males - Papi, Jean-Claude, and Seth - jockey to control the members of their family. First, describe each of these three characters' management style. Then, explain the conflict that arises when three members of the family attempt to control the rest. What lesson about control does Seth learn during this fight for power?

Essay Topic 2

Racism is an important theme in this novel, and one that Jean-Claude is very vocal about. Describe one instance of racism that appears in the text, and explain how that instance has affected Jean-Claude's character.

Essay Topic 3

The setting of "Seth and Samona' is important to understanding the characters in the novel. First, describe the neighborhood where Seth and Samona grow up. Then, explain the inherent dangers that the children are subjected to here. Finally, explain how these dangers affect the characters of Seth and Samona.

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