Seth and Samona Short Answer Test - Answer Key

Joanne Hyppolite
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1. In what grade did Seth and Samona meet?

Third grade.

2. In what city do Seth and Samona live?


3. In what decade does the novel "Seth and Samona" take place?


4. What is Samona's last name?


5. Who was the teacher on the day Samona joined Seth's classroom?

Mrs. Gray.

6. What color underwear was Samona wearing on the first day of class?


7. What color was the skirt Samona was wearing on the first day of class?


8. What was Seth's first impression of Samona when she joined his classroom?

That she was crazy.

9. Which of the following toiletry products did Seth and Samona sell door-to-door hoping to raise money?


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