Seth and Samona Character Descriptions

Joanne Hyppolite
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Bessie Armstrong - This character is very pretty, but lives in a house that does not allow noise, and is therefore pitied by the rest of the children.

Mrs. Fabiyi - This character threw a pot of cold vegetable soup on the children at Halloween, and is thought to be a witch.

Anthony Gemini - This character used to be involved with gangs, and has the scars to prove it, but quit gang life after being arrested and spending a short time in the juvenile detention center.

Binta Gemini - This character is a poet of some accomplishment, but does investigative reporting to make money.

Leticia Gemini - This character runs a psychic hot line from the phone, practices opera singing, and bakes a meatloaf made of dog food.

Nigel Gemini - This character is studying at Boston College to be an engineer, and enjoys making...

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