Seth and Samona Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Joanne Hyppolite
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Chapters 1 and 2

• The novel opens as Seth remembers meeting his best friend, Samona, on the first day of class in third grade. He remembers that Samona was making faces behind the teacher's back, and was wearing red underwear under a white skirt. He thought she was crazy.

• Seth remembers creating a lot of mischief with Samona, such as the time they made special shampoo and sold it door-to-door. Samona mixed the shampoo with horse manure, and never told Seth.

• Seth remembers his own childhood. As the product of Haitian immigrants, his home life was very different from that of Samona who was raised by a single mother who made her living as a writer.

• Seth remembers one day in particular, when he was trying to avoid Samona, but she pestered him into joining her. She announced that she was going over the house of the Nigerian woman in...

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