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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Musgrave do when Annie arrives?
(a) Goes to visit Mrs. Hitchcock.
(b) Blows out his candle.
(c) Loads his gun.
(d) Prays.

2. What does Hurst remind Musgrave?
(a) They are soldiers.
(b) They have no money.
(c) They are men.
(d) They are on the run.

3. Who does Parson hope the soldiers will recruit?
(a) The strikers.
(b) The teenagers.
(c) The delinquents.
(d) The drunkards.

4. Who tells Bargee to calm down?
(a) Attercliffe.
(b) Musgrave.
(c) Sparky.
(d) Hurst.

5. What does the pugnacious collier say Musgrave is in spite of having stripes?
(a) A brother.
(b) A real man.
(c) A monk.
(d) A friend.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where has Hurst spent time alone?

2. What does Musgrave want to purify the town of?

3. What does the Parson think will begin now that the soldiers are in town?

4. How does Musgrave tell the soldiers to act in the pub?

5. What does the Parson say soldiers should serve with?

Short Essay Questions

1. How do Musgrave and Attercliffe try to stop Hurst?

2. How do the Parson and the Bargee think the soldiers could be useful?

3. What does the Bargee tell Musgrave in Act 2, Scene 3, Part 2?

4. What does Act 2, Scene 1 say about redemption?

5. How does the mayor want Musgrave to recruit soldiers?

6. How does Attercliffe kill Sparky?

7. Why does Hurst blame people like the mayor and parson for war?

8. What signs are there in the town to suggest the soldiers are unwelcome?

9. Describe the setting in Act 2, Scene 1.

10. Describe the setting in Act 2, Scene 3, Part 1?

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