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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where is Hurst beating his drum at the beginning of Act 3, Part 1?
(a) The town square.
(b) The pub.
(c) The town hall.
(d) The church yard.

2. What does Sparky say he is covering up by laughing and joking?
(a) His sense of not belonging.
(b) His loneliness.
(c) His serious nature.
(d) His fear and grief.

3. Where does Sparky suggest he and Annie run off to?
(a) Hull.
(b) Liverpool.
(c) London.
(d) Birmingham.

4. What drink does Mrs. Hitchcock bring the two men?
(a) Port.
(b) Sherry.
(c) Vodka.
(d) Ale.

5. What does Musgrave refer to the death cycle as?
(a) God's will.
(b) A way of life.
(c) Fate.
(d) God's logic.

6. What does Annie tell Sparky about?
(a) Her relationship with Hicks.
(b) Her abusive step mother.
(c) Her religious background.
(d) Her abusive father.

7. Where does Act 3, Scene 2 take place?
(a) The pub.
(b) The town hall.
(c) Prison.
(d) A courtroom.

8. What does Musgrave say all the love in the world won't cleanse?
(a) The Earth's soil.
(b) A soldier's uniform.
(c) A murderer's hands.
(d) A man's past.

9. Whose opinion does Musgrave ask for in Act 3, Scene 1?
(a) Hurst's.
(b) The mayor's.
(c) The bargees's
(d) Walsh's.

10. What happens to Musgrave when he counts down to one?
(a) He laughs.
(b) He collapses.
(c) He ducks under the bed.
(d) He runs for the window.

11. What does Attercliffe say he wished he never did?
(a) Believed in God.
(b) Listened to Musgrave.
(c) Became a soldier.
(d) Left home.

12. What is Musgrave doing as Sparky talks to Annie?
(a) Praying.
(b) Talking in his sleep.
(c) Reading.
(d) Listening through the wall.

13. Who enters the stage after the constable?
(a) Annie.
(b) The mayor.
(c) The parson.
(d) Mrs. Hitchcock.

14. What does Musgrave talk to himself about?
(a) War.
(b) God's will.
(c) The logic of his plan.
(d) Hick's death.

15. Who does Hurst remind Musgrave is coming?
(a) The Marines.
(b) The police.
(c) The National Guard.
(d) Dragoons.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Mrs. Hitchcock say Musgrave tried to destroy?

2. What does Attercliffe sing a song about?

3. What does Musgrave say to Mrs. Hitchcock when she sees all the blood?

4. Who does the parson say people are serving if they serve in the army?

5. What does the Bargee say Musgrave and his men should pay attention to?

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