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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Walsh refer to his friends in the bar?
(a) Citizens.
(b) Workers.
(c) Comrades.
(d) Brothers.

2. What does Mrs. Hitchcock say the men on strike are destroying?
(a) The town's and her own reputation.
(b) Tourism and women.
(c) Children and families.
(d) Business and the town.

3. Where does Sparky joke the soldiers beds have been made up?
(a) The stable.
(b) The church.
(c) The graveyard.
(d) The kitchen.

4. What does the Constable say the town needs?
(a) Police.
(b) Soldiers.
(c) Patrols.
(d) Women.

5. What does Attercliff say they have to expose the corruption of?
(a) War.
(b) America.
(c) Government.
(d) Business.

6. What does Musgrave order his soldiers to do?
(a) Bring in the weapons.
(b) Leave the town.
(c) Investigate the town.
(d) Find some fire wood.

7. What does the Bargee say the weather is like in the north country?
(a) Cold and bleak.
(b) Warm and cloudless.
(c) Rainy and freezing.
(d) Grey and windy.

8. What kind of men does Musgrave say he does not want to sign up?
(a) Men who are miserable.
(b) Men who who have no education.
(c) Men who have been forced to join.
(d) Men who have families.

9. Why does Mrs. Hitchcock have to pour the drinks herself?
(a) Annie has gone to the toilet.
(b) Annie is breast feeding.
(c) Annie has hurt her hand.
(d) Annie is crying.

10. What instrument announces the soldiers' arrival?
(a) A trombone.
(b) A trumpet.
(c) A drum.
(d) A gong.

11. Where do the soldiers put all their things?
(a) In the shed.
(b) In the coach house.
(c) In the barn.
(d) In the back room.

12. Who tells the Parson the soldiers have arrived?
(a) Mrs. Hitchcock.
(b) Annie.
(c) Musgrave.
(d) The Bargee.

13. Who does Musgrave tell Mrs. Hitchcock not to mention to the other soldiers?
(a) The Parson.
(b) Hicks.
(c) The Mayor.
(d) Annie.

14. What does Musgrave say Walsh has to do to see the truth?
(a) Watch.
(b) Listen.
(c) Smell.
(d) Taste.

15. What does the Mayor discuss with the Parson?
(a) The church.
(b) The soldiers.
(c) The Queen.
(d) The strike.

Short Answer Questions

1. What kind of trick does Sparky show Annie?

2. Who do the soldiers and Mrs. Hitchcock drink a toast to?

3. What does Annie say soldiers are good for?

4. What kind of gun does Attercliffe say is loaded?

5. What does Musgrave want to purify the town of?

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