Sergeant Musgrave's Dance Character Descriptions

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Annie - She reinforces her bad reputation by flirting with the British soldiers.However, she finds comfort with one man.

Private Attercliffe - He is the peacemaker of the group and truly believes in Musgrave's cause, following his directives to the letter. He is also adamantly against killing anyone.

The Bargee - A merry fellow, he is always working an angle even to the point of selling out the soldiers to make a little money. He does not seem to like soldiers, and generally regards Musgrave and his mission with contempt.

Joe Bludgeon - See The Bargee

The Constable - He hopes to use the soldiers as reinforcements against the strikers.

Mrs, Hitchcock - She is a large, good-natured woman who can defend herself effectively. Primarily, she is out to protect her own (primarily economic) interests. Yet she shows much kindness to Annie and the soldiers...

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