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Act 1, Scene 1

• Spark, Hurst and Attercliffe wait for Black Jack Musgrave to arrive. While they wait, Hurst and Attercliffe play cards and Sparky sings a song about deserting the army.

• Attercliffe tells Spark he should refrain from singing a song about desertion, but Sparky just laughs at him. He asks if Attercliffe is afraid someone will hear him.

• The Bargee arrives to pack the soldier's crates onto his barge and take them up the canal. He tells the soldiers he is ready to leave, but they won't leave until Musgrave has arrived.

• The Bargee is getting impatient when Musgrave walks onto the stage.

• Attercliffe and his fellow soldiers board the barge while Musgrave talks to the Bargee. The Bargee tell Musgrave the town they are going to is bleak and depressing, but Musgrave says it no matter. He has come to complete a duty not to have a...

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