Separation of Power Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Vince Flynn
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Chapters 1-5

• Senator Hank Clark reads the San Francisco Tribune headline announcing that Irene Kennedy will be the new CIA director.

• Clark is on Williams Island in the Bahamas to meet businessman Mark Ellis.

• Mark Ellis is a billionaire whose father installed in him the idea that rules are made by people who don't understand the reality of life and therefore are there to be broken.

• Ellis has put a lot of money into a business venture involving the CIA and having access to secret information, and it will ruin his investment t if Kennedy is named the new CIA director.

• Ellis tells Clark he wants Kennedy out, but Clark warns that Ellis could find himself killed if he messes with the CIA.
• Mitch Rapp is a counter-terrorist, but his girlfriend Anna wants him to quit working for the CIA and marry her.

• When Mitch assassinated Count Hagenmiller...

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