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Short Answer Questions

1. Who is the writer of the telegram?

2. Who decides to enlist, much to the surprise of everyone?

3. What does Gene kick over during his argument with Leper?

4. Gene blames Leper's madness on the _______.

5. What does Finny confess he's wanted to do?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Finny say about the war?

2. What is Leper's explanation for his desertion of the Army?

3. What does Gene conclude about Leper's admittance that he escaped?

4. What was the result of Finny's accident this time?

5. What does Gene offer as an explanation for his disheveled appearance when Finny returns?

6. What does Finny decide to do in order to pass the time in the winter?

7. Describe the scene in the Butt Room.

8. What do the students do when Finny falls down the stairs?

9. What eventually happens when the boys realize what Finny is doing in #49?

10. Why does Finny suddenly begin to believe that the war is real?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

It's interesting to note that parents aren't mentioned often in this story - only Brinker's dad and Leper's mother are introduced fully.

Part 1: Describe Brinker's father.

Part 2: Describe Leper's mother.

Part 3: What do these characters seem to say about the differences between the older and the younger generations?

Essay Topic 2

The tree by the river is the site of many victories and one foreboding accident. Juxtaposing nature with tragedy seems to cause the reader to react more strongly than they might have had the accident occurred in another setting.

Part 1: What might the symbolism of the tree mean in the story? What might the tree represent to the characters and to the plot?

Part 2: Describe the victories that occur at the place of the tree.

Part 3: How does the tree affect each of the main characters in this novel?

Essay Topic 3

The two rivers in the book provide different elements and symbols to the storytelling.

Part 1: List the names of the two rivers in the novel and describe the location of each.

Part 2: What does each river seem to symbolize for the story?

Part 3: How is Gene comparable to each river?

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