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Short Answer Questions

1. What do the two boys want to form?

2. Where do Gene and Finny go as a result of #45?

3. What does Finny do with Gene to make him late?

4. What happens when Gene turns to Finny to delay the jump?

5. What does the substitute teacher from #19 want to scold Gene and Finny for missing?

Short Essay Questions

1. What seemed so much larger to Gene, as told by him, when he was younger as opposed to now?

2. What does the doctor say about the outcome of Finny's injury?

3. Describe the opening scene of Devon when the Fall Session convenes.

4. What does Finny say when Gene asks him what he remembers about the fall?

5. Why did people jump from the tree to the river in previous years?

6. What does Gene do one night that leads him to conclude he "will never stumble through the confusions of [his] own character again?"

7. What happens as Gene loses his balance on the branch with Finny?

8. Why does Mr. Prud'homme come into Gene and Finny's room the next morning?

9. As Gene and Finny are getting ready to sleep on the beach, what does Finny reveal to Gene?

10. Who are the four boys that are with Gene as he stands by the tree?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

The trial that seeks to prove Gene's guilt in Finny's accident is a haunting scene that seems to have numerous outcomes, beyond that which occurs in the Assembly Room.

Part 1: Describe what happens during the trial scene between Finny, Gene, and the others present.

Part 2: How does the trial affect Gene?

Part 3: How does the trial affect Finny?

Essay Topic 2

It is Gene who feels responsible for Finny's fall, and the guilt follows him throughout the book.

Part 1: What happened to case Gene's guilt about Finny's fall?

Part 2: Do you think Gene caused Finny to fall? Why or why not?

Part 3: Even though Finny tells Gene that it wasn't his fault, why can't Gene let go of his guilt?

Essay Topic 3

It's interesting to note that parents aren't mentioned often in this story - only Brinker's dad and Leper's mother are introduced fully.

Part 1: Describe Brinker's father.

Part 2: Describe Leper's mother.

Part 3: What do these characters seem to say about the differences between the older and the younger generations?

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