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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who becomes angry at Finny's diagnosis?
(a) Finny's mom
(b) Finny's dad
(c) Finny
(d) Gene

2. What does Finny accidentally wear as a belt?
(a) A piece of rope
(b) A school tie
(c) A boat cord
(d) A flag

3. How does Gene bounce the branch?
(a) By bending his knees
(b) By moving side to side
(c) He doesn't
(d) By waving his arms

4. Where is the school located?
(a) The South
(b) England
(c) Ireland
(d) New England

5. What does Gene do to Cliff in response to #91?
(a) Cusses him out
(b) Throws him in the water
(c) Quits the team
(d) Punches him

Short Answer Questions

1. What are the boys carrying as they run around during the game in #39?

2. Where does Gene go instead of Devon?

3. How much money do the boys look for to spend on breakfast?

4. What does Finny want to do after tea?

5. How long has it been since Gene was last at this school?

Short Essay Questions

1. When Gene is working hard to catch up on his trigonometry, what does Finny accuse him of?

2. What happens as Gene loses his balance on the branch with Finny?

3. What does Finny decide to do in celebration of the first Allied bombing of Central Europe?

4. Who can not believe that the allies bombed Central Europe?

5. Why does Mr. Prud'homme come into Gene and Finny's room the next morning?

6. What is one of the main rules for the secret club that Finny and Gene have created?

7. What happened to Finny as a result of the fall from the branch?

8. What does Gene remember as he pauses near the river on his way to an appointment at the Crew House?

9. Compare and contrast Brinker and Leper.

10. What happens when Gene and Finny decide to try another double jump from the branch?

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