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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Finny insist must have made Gene bounce the branch that day?
(a) Madness
(b) Vengeance
(c) Blind impulse
(d) Stupidity

2. What doesn't Gene do in response to #166?
(a) Understand
(b) Cry
(c) Come back
(d) Believe it

3. What does Finny accuse Gene of wanting to do?
(a) Beat him
(b) Break something else
(c) Ruin his life
(d) Be just like Finny

4. What happened to cause #166?
(a) His heart stopped
(b) The x-ray machine was broken
(c) Finny needed more care
(d) The break worked in Finny's favor

5. What does Leper confess to having?
(a) Fear of loud noises
(b) Lied to Gene
(c) Hallucinations
(d) Cancer

6. Who is ridiculed for wanting to finish school before enlisting?
(a) Gene
(b) Brinker
(c) Quackenbush
(d) Leper

7. What is Finny's response to Gene's visit?
(a) Sadness
(b) Happiness
(c) Humor
(d) Anger

8. What has Brinker assembled in the location answer in #153?
(a) A new snowball fight
(b) Student court
(c) A tour
(d) Picnic lunch

9. Most of the students at Devon are seeking choices to enlist that yield the smallest amount of _________.
(a) Risk
(b) Responsibility
(c) Death
(d) Energy

10. Leper insists that Gene must think he is a __________.
(a) Psycho
(b) Fool
(c) Rebel
(d) Idiot

11. What does Brinker introduce Gene as to the rest of the boys in the room in #98?
(a) Murderer
(b) Lucky gun
(c) Prisoner
(d) Guilty partner

12. Who do the boys fetch to give first aid to Finny?
(a) Prud'homme
(b) Brinker
(c) Gene
(d) The wrestling coach

13. Brinker says that Gene might have a _______ in not clearing up the details of Finny's accident.
(a) Good reason
(b) Secret
(c) Ulterior motive
(d) Personal stake

14. What does Dr. Stanpole plan to do later that day?
(a) Transport Finny elsewhere
(b) Set the bone
(c) Take x-rays
(d) Operate on Finny's ankle

15. Finny and Gene say that wouldn't enlist with Brinker if he were ___________'s son.
(a) General Patton
(b) General Eisenhower
(c) God
(d) General MacArthur

Short Answer Questions

1. Who else decides they want to enlist?

2. What are the boys covered in after doing work by the tracks?

3. Who does Gene spend more time with?

4. Who is waiting for Gene when he returns to his dorm room?

5. Who is the writer of the telegram?

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