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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who do the boys fetch to give first aid to Finny?
(a) The wrestling coach
(b) Gene
(c) Prud'homme
(d) Brinker

2. What is Finny not ready to get back into?
(a) Fall Session
(b) Schoolwork
(c) Games
(d) Sports

3. Gene blames Leper's madness on the _______.
(a) Army
(b) Wine
(c) Weather
(d) Tree

4. Where does Brinker take Gene and Finny?
(a) Boston
(b) Assembly Hall
(c) The beach
(d) Far Common

5. What does Finny insist must have made Gene bounce the branch that day?
(a) Stupidity
(b) Blind impulse
(c) Vengeance
(d) Madness

6. Brinker laments that ________ of their class will be unable to participate in the war.
(a) 1
(b) 3
(c) 4
(d) 2

7. What does Finny decide to throw?
(a) A winter carnival
(b) A party
(c) A meeting of the society
(d) A medicine ball

8. Who is accused of being a naturalist?
(a) Chet
(b) Leper
(c) Gene
(d) Brinker

9. What does Finny confess he's wanted to do?
(a) Kill himself
(b) Tell the others about Gene
(c) Strangle Gene
(d) Go to war

10. Where do the students go to smoke?
(a) Butt Room
(b) Outside
(c) The tree
(d) The bathroom

11. What does Brinker introduce Gene as to the rest of the boys in the room in #98?
(a) Prisoner
(b) Lucky gun
(c) Guilty partner
(d) Murderer

12. How does Gene make nice with the answer to #140?
(a) By leaving immediately
(b) By staying for lunch
(c) By apologizing and leaving
(d) By explaining his thoughts

13. Finny admits that he chose not to believe in the war because he couldn't ________ in it.
(a) Participate
(b) Understand the motives
(c) Find logic
(d) Help

14. What is NOT one of the things the boys do as a result of Finny's idea in #126?
(a) Arrange for prizes
(b) The create snow statues
(c) Make snow forts
(d) Build a ski jump

15. What do Gene and the others do to help the troops?
(a) Build new railroad tracks
(b) Shovel snow from the railroad tracks
(c) Ration their food
(d) Cut down on gas usage

Short Answer Questions

1. How many chin-ups is Gene told to do?

2. Who starts a trend of jokes about the character in #122?

3. Finny and Gene say that wouldn't enlist with Brinker if he were ___________'s son.

4. Who do the boys overpower to dig up a special item?

5. What kind of text does Gene read Finny a poor translation of?

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