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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What has happened to Finny as a result of the fall?
(a) Both of his legs are shattered
(b) Finny dies
(c) Nothing, Finny is fine
(d) One of his legs is shattered

2. Who lives across the hall from Gene?
(a) Brinker
(b) Leper
(c) Finny
(d) Chet

3. Who is impressed with Gene's hard work?
(a) The headmaster
(b) Finny
(c) Brinker
(d) Chet

4. How much money do the boys look for to spend on breakfast?
(a) 75 cents
(b) 55 cents
(c) A dollar
(d) 25 cents

5. What does Gene almost miss when they return to school?
(a) His trigonometry test
(b) His appointment with the headmaster
(c) A class
(d) Bed check

6. Who does Finny say is his best friend?
(a) Leper
(b) Chet
(c) No one
(d) Gene

7. When does Gene travel to return to Devon?
(a) October
(b) November
(c) August
(d) September

8. Who is the substitute teacher for the summer?
(a) Mr. Patch-Wilders
(b) Dr. Stanpole
(c) Mr. Brinker
(d) Mr. Prud'homme

9. What position is Gene volunteering for?
(a) Senior crew manager
(b) Assistant crew manager
(c) Crew Manager
(d) Assistant senior crew manager

10. Who is the witness to Finny's breaking of the school record?
(a) Brinker
(b) Leper
(c) Gene
(d) No one

11. Who is described as 'lily livered'?
(a) Chet
(b) Leper
(c) Finny
(d) Gene

12. What does Gene tell a story about?
(a) A new game he made up
(b) Leper
(c) The war
(d) Fighting a fire back home

13. How many students are in the first chapel service at Devon?
(a) 200
(b) 700
(c) 500
(d) 100

14. What is the game Finny invents?
(a) Bradball
(b) Bounce Ball
(c) Blitzball
(d) Blitzkreig

15. What seems distant and unreal in a time of war?
(a) School
(b) The world
(c) The beach
(d) Family

Short Answer Questions

1. Where do Finny and Gene sleep during their excursion away from school?

2. Who jumps into the river first?

3. What does Finny finally conclude about the accident?

4. What does Gene's boss nickname him?

5. What does Finny confess to have had during the fall?

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