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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 13.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Gene notice that seems much smaller than it used to?
(a) The tree
(b) The river
(c) The school
(d) The beds

2. Finny alone had the courage to tell ____________________.
(a) Up from down
(b) Truth from lie
(c) Right from wrong
(d) Friend from foe

3. Who is described as 'lily livered'?
(a) Finny
(b) Leper
(c) Gene
(d) Chet

4. What do Gene and the others do to help the troops?
(a) Build new railroad tracks
(b) Shovel snow from the railroad tracks
(c) Ration their food
(d) Cut down on gas usage

5. Who jumps into the river first?
(a) Gene
(b) Finny
(c) Chet
(d) Elwin

Short Answer Questions

1. Gene reveals how many men he killed during the war. How many?

2. What does Finny finally conclude about the accident?

3. Who must now fight, according to Brinker's idea of war?

4. Where do the students go to smoke?

5. Who becomes angry at Finny's diagnosis?

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