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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 3.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who ruminates about what it means to be an American during a time of intense war rationed?
(a) Brinker
(b) Gene
(c) Finny
(d) Leper

2. What does Finny explain serves as a tribute to the school's role in the war effort?
(a) Skipping class
(b) His tie
(c) A flag
(d) The tea

3. Does Gene tell anyone about Finny's broken record?
(a) No, but he writes an anonymous letter to the headmaster
(b) No
(c) Not for a while
(d) Yes

4. What does Finny want to do after tea?
(a) Jump in the river
(b) Drink
(c) Go to bed
(d) Go to the Butt Room

5. What is Finny's real name?
(a) Frank
(b) Finn
(c) Phineas
(d) Paul

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Gene referring to when he describes a steely black steeple?

2. Who hates this new rule as described in #37?

3. Who is Gene's roommate?

4. Where do the boys go when they realize how late they are?

5. What does Finny wear in support of the first Allied bombing?

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