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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 10.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who comes into the room after the commotion between Gene and Leper?
(a) Leper's mom
(b) Brinker
(c) Leper's dad
(d) Finny

2. Who announces he is going to enlist 'tomorrow'?
(a) Ray
(b) Chet
(c) Leper
(d) Brinker

3. What does Leper say he can expect from the room in #135?
(a) Three meals per day
(b) A warm place to sit
(c) Peace and quiet
(d) A hideout from the spies

4. Gene blames Leper's madness on the _______.
(a) Weather
(b) Army
(c) Wine
(d) Tree

5. Who else decides they want to enlist?
(a) Gene
(b) Ray
(c) Leper
(d) Chet

Short Answer Questions

1. What do Gene and the others do to help the troops?

2. What does Finny invite Gene to join him in?

3. How does Gene make nice with the answer to #140?

4. Where does Leper guide Gene once he arrives?

5. Leper insists that Gene must think he is a __________.

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