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Devon School

This is the name of the all-boys preparatory academy in rural New Hampshire. Its campus grounds are well maintained and surround the old stately buildings where classes are held. The Devon River and the Naguamsett River flow through the middle of the school's property.

Marble staircase

Inside the First Academy Building, it is here that Finny falls and breaks his leg for the second time. Fifteen years later Gene returns to this spot. A moon is carved into it.


Designated as the meeting place of the Super Suicide Society, the item is used to train seniors for the war. Finny convinces Gene, despite his fears, to repeatedly jump from it into the Devon River.

Summer Session (of 1942)

Gene and Finny became friends while roommates during this abnormal session at the school, designed to accelerate students towards graduation before they were drafted into the military.

Upper Middler

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