A Separate Peace Fun Activities

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Make up Your Own Blitzball

Have the students come up with their own game in order to play it within the classroom. Or have separate groups create a game and then have all of the games played to see which one is the 'best.'

How Does Someone Enlist?

If the students were the students of the book, how exactly would they go about enlisting today? Have students research the process of enlisting and how they could do it.

A Secret Society

Have students create their own ideas for the Super Suicide Society of the Summer Session. What rules would they add to the list of rules that Finny makes up?

A Shattered Leg's Chances of Being Okay

Have students do research to find out if today's orthopedic doctors would be able to fix a 'shattered' leg enough that Finny would have been able to become an athlete...

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