A Separate Peace Character Descriptions

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Chet Douglass - This character is another character's rival for the position of class valedictorian. This character has a genuine interest in learning and does not thrive simply on competition.

Finny - See Phineas

Gene Forrester - This character is the narrator of A Separate Peace, . This character, as an adult, recalls himself at sixteen: a lonely intellectual with the tendency of analyzing his and every one else's motives. At various times in the novel, he is highly competitive, selfish, insecure, and combative. On other occasions, he is courageous, mature, and dependable.

Mr. Hadley - This character is a World War I veteran whose patriotism offends both Brinker and Gene.

Brinker Hadley - Described as "the big name on campus," this person's characterization was actually based on the novelist Gore Vidal.

Phil Latham - One of the less impressive authority figures at the Devon School, this character...

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