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Chapter 1

• Gene Forrester is the narrator who returns to Devon to recount his time there.

• Finny tries to convince the others to leap from the tree branch into the river - Finny and Gene do.

• Finny points out that Gene only does things he's shamed into.

• Finny and Gene wrestle and return to their dorm room.

Chapter 2

• A substitute teacher comes to Gene and Finny to scold them for missing dinner.

• No punishment is issued because Finny explains his way out of it.

• Finny decides to wear a pink shirt as an emblem of support for the war.

• Finny is caught wearing his school tie as a belt at an afternoon tea, but again does not get punished.

• Finny and Gene form a new group - The Super Suicide Society of the Summer Session.

• Gene and Finny jump from the tree together, after Finny catches Gene when he...

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