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Gustave Flaubert and Mary Ruefle
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Short Answer Questions

1. In what field does Frederic ask Dambreuse to recommend him for a position?

2. From whom does Frederic receive a second invitation on the same day he receives an invitation to Marie Arnoux's name-day party?

3. In what language does Marie Arnoux sing during the dinner party?

4. How did Madame Moreau's husband die?

5. Under what pretense does Frederic visit Dambreuse in Chapter 3?

Short Essay Questions

1. When Frederic and Deslauriers begin living together in Chapter 5, what is their relationship like? How do they divide the labor and costs of living?

2. What are some of Frederic's artistic ambitions? What art has he already produced at this point?

3. What are Jacques and Marie Arnoux arguing about when Frederic arrives? How does witnessing this argument affect Frederic's feelings for Marie?

4. What does Hussonet do for a living? What is his professional ambition? What has he done to pursue this dream?

5. What work does Charles Deslauriers do for his father? What unusual physical feature is a result of this work?

6. How does Frederic's schoolmate Baptiste Martinon live? What is his attitude towards life? How does this contrast with Frederic's attitude?

7. Who is the host of the costume party to which Arnoux brings Frederic? What is this person's relationship to Arnoux?

8. Whom does Frederic go to call upon when he first returns to Paris? Why does he have difficulty finding this person? Who helps Frederic locate this person?

9. What kind of trouble does Frederic discover Arnoux is experiencing? With whom does he discuss this? What does he learn?

10. What conflict does Frederic have when he finally receives his long-awaited invitation from the Dambreuses? How is it resolved?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Social class is an important element throughout A Sentimental Education. How does social class affect the relationships between characters in the novel? Give three examples from the text.

Essay Topic 2

Art is a significant theme in A Sentimental Education. What type of literature does Frederic aspire to write at the beginning of the novel? What is Pellerin's opinion about the purpose of art? How does this differ from Sénécal's opinion? What statement does A Sentimental Education make about art? How is art related to money in this novel?

Essay Topic 3

What is the significance of the title A Sentimental Education? Who is the recipient of this education? What lessons are learned throughout the novel? Who imparts these lessons?

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