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Gustave Flaubert and Mary Ruefle
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Short Answer Questions

1. What piece of evidence does Marie Arnoux produce during their argument to prove her husband's infidelity?

2. To whom is the IOU payable that Arnoux forces his wife to sign?

3. What become his principle interests after Deslauriers loses interest in metaphysics?

4. What type of work is Mademoiselle Vatnaz's book, A Young Ladies' Garland?

5. What is Professor Samuel Rondelot's area of academic specialty?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is the title of the novel that Frederic begins writing? Who are the main characters? What is it about?

2. What kind of trouble does Frederic discover Arnoux is experiencing? With whom does he discuss this? What does he learn?

3. How does Frederic's schoolmate Baptiste Martinon live? What is his attitude towards life? How does this contrast with Frederic's attitude?

4. What is Madame Moreau's background? What aspirations does she have for her son?

5. What business proposition do Hussonet and Deslauriers bring to Frederic? How does Frederic respond?

6. Whom does Frederic immediately go to visit when he hears that Jacques Arnoux has gone to Germany? What surprise is waiting for him? Where is the person he was looking for?

7. What work does Charles Deslauriers do for his father? What unusual physical feature is a result of this work?

8. What situation precludes Frederic and Deslauriers from realizing their plans together? What is Frederic's reaction to his news?

9. Who is Dussardier? Why is he taken to prison? What does Frederic give him to replace his most prized possession?

10. How does the narrator describe Monsieur Dambreuse in Chapter 3? What does he look like? How does he interact with Frederic during their meeting?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Money has a significant role throughout A Sentimental Education. Give three examples from the novel in which money significantly alters the plot of the novel and directly affects the protagonist. How is money a characteristic of the Realist novel?

Essay Topic 2

What elements of A Sentimental Education characterize this work as a Realist novel? How does this work exemplify literary realism? Give two specific examples from the text.

Essay Topic 3

Marie Arnoux's parasol is an important object in A Sentimental Education. How does this object influence the action of the narrative? How does this object affect the relationship between Marie and Jacques Arnoux? What is the effect this situation has on the protagonist?

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