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Gustave Flaubert and Mary Ruefle
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What was the occupation of Rosanette's parents in Croix-Rousse in Lyon?
(a) Art dealers.
(b) Farmers.
(c) Circus performers.
(d) Silk workers.

2. What does Frederic fantasize about while he watches Arnoux sleep in the guardroom?
(a) Marrying Louise Roque.
(b) Arnoux being killed in a rifle accident.
(c) Saving Marie Arnoux's life.
(d) Starting a family with Rosanette.

3. Why does Dussardier decide to give a party?
(a) To celebrate his raise in salary.
(b) To celebrate Frederic's engagement to Louise Roque.
(c) To celebrate Sénécal's release from prison.
(d) To celebrate Frederic's birthday.

4. What topic does Pellerin discuss with Frederic during Dambreuse's funeral?
(a) The frescos in the church.
(b) Frederic's impending wedding.
(c) Politics and religion.
(d) Madame Dambreuse's inheritance.

5. Who is the prostitute posing as who Frederic sees in the palace?
(a) The Mona Lisa.
(b) Napoleon.
(c) The Venus de Milo.
(d) The Statue of Liberty.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Rosanette insist Frederic do when he first sees his newborn son?

2. What effect does the change in government have in Paris?

3. Seeing which trinket incites an argument between Rosanette and Mademoiselle Vatnaz?

4. What does Frederic begin writing to distract himself from his infatuation with Marie Arnoux?

5. In Chapter 6 of Part Two, what does Frederic swear to Marie Arnoux he will never do?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does the painting Frederic comments upon in Dambreuse's house depict? Who painted it?

2. To which club does Dussardier take Frederic to rally support for his candidacy? Who is the chairman of the club? Whom does Regimbart support instead of Frederic?

3. What does Frederic think when he sees how affected Louise Roque is by his visit? Why is Monsieur Roque interested in seeing his daughter marry Frederic?

4. What effect does Frederic's paying Rosanette's IOU to Mademoiselle Vatnaz have on the relationship between him and Rosanette? What does he begin to notice about her?

5. Why does Deslauriers go to visit Marie Arnoux? What news does he give her? What is her reaction?

6. To whom does Rosanette first turn to get the four thousand francs she needs to pay off her debts? In the end, who is it that loans the money to Frederic on her behalf? Why?

7. How does Frederic court Madame Dambreuse? What topic of conversation is repeated between the two? How does Frederic feel about Madame Dambreuse in comparison to his other loves?

8. What does Frederic think about while he gazes at Monsieur Dambreuse's corpse? What inspires him to consider these things?

9. For what position does Monsieur Dambreuse persuade Frederic to announce his candidacy? Who ends up with the position?

10. What is revealed about Frederic during the dinner party at the Dambreuse's house in Chapter 2 of Chapter Three that Louise Roque was not aware of? What does she suggest to Frederic after the party? What is his response?

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