Sentimental Education Character Descriptions

Gustave Flaubert and Mary Ruefle
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Frederic Moreau

This character is the protagonist of the novel.

Madame Marie Arnoux

This character is the protagonist's great love.

Charles Deslauriers

This character is the protagonist's closest friend.

Monsieur Jacques Arnoux

This character begins as an art dealer, later changes to manufacturing ceramics, and ends up selling rosaries.

Madame Moureau

This character is the protagonist's mother.


This character gives birth to the protagonist's son.


This character is a mathematics teacher and socialist activist who later becomes an oppressive member of the state.

Baptiste Martinon

This character is a law school acquaintance of the protagonist's who marries Cecile.


This character is a prominent painter and later a photographer.


This character takes over Jacques's art magazine and converts it into a political periodical.

Louise Roque

This character is in love with the protagonist but marries his closest friend after being rejected by the protagonist.

Monsieur Roque

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