Sentimental Education Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Gustave Flaubert and Mary Ruefle
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Chapters 1 and 2

• The novel begins on a ship voyage in September of 1840.

• Frederic Moreau is traveling to Nogent-sur-Seine to visit his mother for a couple of months.

• It is revealed that Frederic is eighteen years old and a law student.

• Frederic is returning from a visit to his uncle, whom he is hoping will put him in his will.

• Frederic meets Jacques Arnoux, the owner of an art magazine and art gallery, during his voyage.
• Frederic sees a woman embroidering and is captivated by her beauty.

• Frederic realizes that the beautiful woman is Jacques Arnoux's wife.

• Frederic goes home to see his mother, Madame Moreau, a widow from an aristocratic family.

• The narrator reveals that Madame Moreau has lofty ambitions for her son, who has shown academic promise.

• Frederic receives a letter from his friend Deslauriers and goes to meet with him.
• The narrator reveals that Charles Deslauriers...

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