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Short Answer Questions

1. What does Willoughby stand to inherit?

2. Who do the Dashwoods encounter on a walk in the countryside?

3. What does Elinor worry Edward's mother and sister will force him to do?

4. Whom does Elinor send a letter to when she arrives in London?

5. Which of the following comments upsets Edward?

Short Essay Questions

1. Does Elinor strike up a friendship with Lucy because she likes her?

2. Why do you think that at this point in the story, Austen has given the reader a lot more information about Colonel Brandon than about Willoughby?

3. Why do you think Austen presents Sir John and his wife as nice people, but overall overbred simpletons?

4. How does Elinor further show her tact in this chapter?

5. In what ways does Austen present Margaret as immature and a thorn in the flesh of the more practical Elinor?

6. What does Sir John's character say about eighteenth century upper class?

7. How does Edward's arrival produce new hope for the Dashwood's?

8. Do you think John is a naturally selfish person, or has Fanny turned him against his family?

9. Why is Mrs. Dashwood so taken with Willoughby?

10. How is Willoughby's letter symbolize his manipulative nature?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Austen was an unmarried daughter of a rector. With this in mind and anything else you know about Austen's life, which character resembles Austen the most?

1) Does she use that character to give her opinions of eighteenth century society?

2) Which characters do you think Austen shows less appreciation for? How do these characters differ from the main character?

Essay Topic 2

Discuss opposites in the novel. Do all the characters have an opposite, for example Marianne and Elinor? What would do you think would happen to Marianne if Elinor was not there to help her, and vice versa? Are their some characters in the novel who don't have an opposite to counteract their personality? What happens to them?

Essay Topic 3

Pick a character from the novel and discuss their goals and motives. Do they achieve their motive? Why? Do they share similar goals and motives with other characters? Do their goals clash with other characters with other characters? How do the character's goals and motives affect their interaction with each other?

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