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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Willoughby say he has come?
(a) To find out if Marianne is better from her illness.
(b) To apologize
(c) To propose to Marianne
(d) To propose to Elinor

2. In what way does Elinor think Willoughby feels regret at not marrying Marianne?
(a) It has not made him feel happy
(b) He does not love Miss Grey
(c) He just want to feel sorry for himself
(d) He feels sorry that he has hurt Marianne

3. Why is Fanny upset?
(a) She hears Edward is engaged to Lucy
(b) She has received a letter from an ex-lover
(c) John has given the Dashwoods money
(d) Her husband is having an affair

4. How does Elinor react to Edward's sudden appearance?
(a) She shouts at Edward for playing with her feelings
(b) She tells Edward she loves him
(c) She becomes the good hostess
(d) She walks out of the room

5. Why can Mrs. Dashwood not forgive Willoughby?
(a) Because he has little money
(b) Because of his treatment of Marianne
(c) Because of his treatment of Miss Williams
(d) She does not like him enough

Short Answer Questions

1. Why is Elinor upset?

2. Why does Elinor think she can feel sympathy for Willoughby?

3. Why does Robert regret his brother is becoming a rector?

4. Why has Mrs. Smith disowned him?

5. What does John Dashwood suggest in his letter?

Short Essay Questions

1. Is Brandon an honorable man?

2. Why is it important that the Colonel is one of the oldest characters in the book?

3. Do you think Marianne can be happy with Colonel Brandon?

4. Has Elinor's sense always had a positive impact on the characters?

5. Why does Austen present John Dashwood as a comic figure?

6. Describe Mrs. Jennings role within the story.

7. Does Marianne's illness change her?

8. Do you think the Dashwoods like John?

9. Is Lucy a bad person?

10. How is Mrs. Dashwood one of the more unselfish characters in the book?

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