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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Marianne do at the party?
(a) Mime
(b) Paint
(c) Play the piano
(d) Sing

2. What does Marianne want to do?
(a) FInd another man
(b) Die
(c) Stay and fight for Willoughby
(d) Go home to Barton Cottage

3. Which of the Steele sisters does Elinor become friends with?
(a) Lucy
(b) Polly
(c) Rose
(d) Anne

4. What does Mrs. Dashwood inform John of in this chapter?
(a) That she does not like his wife
(b) That she never wants to see again
(c) That she is moving
(d) That she thinks he is greedy

5. What does Elinor worry Edward's mother and sister will force him to do?
(a) Marry a woman of higher standing
(b) Find a job
(c) Socialize
(d) Give them a yearly allowance

Short Answer Questions

1. Which two sisters go for a walk in the country?

2. Why is Marianne not happy Edward is marrying Elinor?

3. What does Elinor ask Mrs Jennings to stop doing?

4. Which character does Mrs. Dashwood take an immediate dislike to?

5. Who does Sir John bring to Barton Park?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why does Elinor dislike Willoughby so much?

2. In what ways does Austen present Margaret as immature and a thorn in the flesh of the more practical Elinor?

3. Why is Mrs. Dashwood so taken with Willoughby?

4. Do you think Mrs. Dashwood's love of her daughter holds them back?

5. How does Elinor further show her tact in this chapter?

6. Is Mrs. Jennings merely a gossip, or does she genuinely care about people?

7. Does Elinor strike up a friendship with Lucy because she likes her?

8. In this chapter, why is Brandon's sudden departure so important to the development of his character and particularly in comparison to Willoughby?

9. Why do you think Austen presents Sir John and his wife as nice people, but overall overbred simpletons?

10. Is Marianne in love with Willoughby?

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