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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Elinor try to spend more time with Lucy?
(a) To find out if she is a nice person
(b) To find out about her relationship with Edward
(c) Because she likes her
(d) To talk about art

2. Why does Marianne hope for cold weather?
(a) London is too humid
(b) She wants to have an excuse to stay inside and read
(c) Willoughby will contract a cold
(d) Willoughby will come back from his outdoor pursuits

3. Why does Mrs. Dashwood not want her daughters to mingle?
(a) She does not like Sir John
(b) She is worried for their safety
(c) She does not want the girls to borrow Sir John's carriage
(d) They are no suitable men to mingle with

4. Who does Henry Dashwood call to his bedside to ask to support his wife and daughters?
(a) Mrs Jennings
(b) John Dashwood
(c) Mrs. Dashwood
(d) Sir John Middleton

5. Why does Mrs. Jennings worry about the Colonel?
(a) She thinks he may have a wife
(b) He is feeling ill
(c) He is in love with her
(d) He has been called up to the army

Short Answer Questions

1. What topic of conversation do the Dashwoods draw Edward into?

2. What does Willoughby stand to inherit?

3. What arrives at Mrs. Jennings house while they are out?

4. What does Lucy ask Elinor to do to help Edward become a minister?

5. What does Marianne do at the party?

Short Essay Questions

1. In this chapter, why is Brandon's sudden departure so important to the development of his character and particularly in comparison to Willoughby?

2. Is Mrs. Jennings merely a gossip, or does she genuinely care about people?

3. Is it important that Mr. and Mrs. Palmer are opposites?

4. Is Elinor a better match for Edward than Lucy?

5. Do you think John and Fanny have illegitimate reasons for not giving money to the Dashwood's?

6. Why do you think Elinor tries to act normally with Edward even though she is upset with his strange behavior?

7. How does Elinor further show her tact in this chapter?

8. Why is the fact the sisters are going to London so important?

9. How does Edward's arrival produce new hope for the Dashwood's?

10. Is Marianne in love with Willoughby?

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