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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Marianne notice under Edward's ring?
(a) A small photograph
(b) Skin
(c) A piece of paper
(d) A lock of a hair

2. Who is the first person to visit the sisters in London?
(a) Colonel Brandon
(b) Lucy Steele
(c) Willoughby
(d) Edward

3. What does Marianne want to do?
(a) Stay and fight for Willoughby
(b) Go home to Barton Cottage
(c) Die
(d) FInd another man

4. Which of the daughters is described as having "strength and understanding"?
(a) Elinor
(b) Marianne
(c) Margeret
(d) Lucy

5. What does Colonel Brandon pay close attention to?
(a) Marianne's dress
(b) Marianne's piano playing
(c) Elinor's eyes
(d) Mrs Dashwood's problems

Short Answer Questions

1. What topic of conversation do the Dashwoods draw Edward into?

2. Why does Elinor try to spend more time with Lucy?

3. Why is Lucy concerned about her engagement to Edward?

4. What does Mrs. Dashwood inform John of in this chapter?

5. How long is the carriage ride to London?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why does Elinor dislike Willoughby so much?

2. Is Elinor a better match for Edward than Lucy?

3. In this chapter, why is Brandon's sudden departure so important to the development of his character and particularly in comparison to Willoughby?

4. Is Marianne in love with Willoughby?

5. Do you think John and Fanny have illegitimate reasons for not giving money to the Dashwood's?

6. How is Willoughby's letter symbolize his manipulative nature?

7. Why do you think that at this point in the story, Austen has given the reader a lot more information about Colonel Brandon than about Willoughby?

8. Do you think Mrs. Dashwood's love of her daughter holds them back?

9. Does Elinor strike up a friendship with Lucy because she likes her?

10. Why do you think Edward never approaches the subject of why he is so upset?

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