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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where do the Dashwoods travel to next?
(a) Barton Cottage
(b) Bristol
(c) London
(d) Delaford

2. Why does Robert regret his brother is becoming a rector?
(a) It makes Edward a more attractive prospect
(b) He will not be able to see him as much
(c) Robert is an atheist
(d) He has shut himself out from normal society

3. Who does Mrs. Jennings think Elinor is getting married to?
(a) WiIloughby
(b) Sir John
(c) Edward
(d) Colonel Brandon

4. Where does Mrs. Dashwood want to move to?
(a) Bristol
(b) Brixton
(c) Cleveland
(d) Delaford

5. Who does the Dashwood's servant say she saw in town?
(a) Mrs. Jennings
(b) Edward
(c) Robert
(d) Mr. Ferrars

6. What kind of party are Elinor and Marianne invited to?
(a) A musical party
(b) A nature party
(c) A libertine party
(d) A fancy dress party

7. How does does Lucy win favor with Mrs. Ferrars?
(a) Taking her shopping
(b) Supporting her financially
(c) Through flattery
(d) Nursing her when she falls ill

8. Why is Marianne happy she did not marry Willoughby?
(a) He lacks self confidence
(b) She needs someone with sense
(c) He is a womanizer
(d) She could never of been happy with him

9. Why is Fanny happy that Edward has found a job at the parsonage?
(a) He is finally doing something with his life
(b) He has wanted to get a job all his life.
(c) She won't have to support him.
(d) She can visit him.

10. How long has Elinor known about the engagement?
(a) Six months
(b) One month
(c) One year
(d) Four months

11. What does Marianne decide in this chapter?
(a) She is over Willoughby
(b) She still loves Willoughby
(c) She loves Brandon
(d) She has been very naive

12. What do Elinor's visitors in this chapter urge her to do while in Cleveland?
(a) Go mushroom picking
(b) Try the local ale
(c) Visit Colonel Brandon
(d) Visit Edward

13. Why is Elinor surprised at her friends?
(a) None of them have told her about Edward's marriage to Lucy
(b) They have not spoken to her for weeks
(c) They think Brandon is a better match for her
(d) They tell her they never liked Edward in the first place

14. How does Elinor initially react to Willoughby's appearance?
(a) She shouts at him and insists he leaves
(b) She faints
(c) Horrified, she tries to leave the room
(d) She throws a bucket of water over him

15. Who does Mrs Jennings tell about Elinor's engagement?
(a) Willoughby
(b) Edward
(c) John Dashwood
(d) Marianne

Short Answer Questions

1. Who enters the room when Lucy and Elinor are having a conversation?

2. Why is Marianne pleased to be going to Cleveland?

3. Where are the Dashwoods preparing to travel to?

4. Who does Mrs. Jennings say will now marry Marianne?

5. What does Fanny regret?

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