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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Edward ask Elinor?
(a) To come to London
(b) For some money
(c) To be bridesmaid at his wedding to Miss Grey
(d) To marry him

2. Who does the Dashwood's servant say she saw in town?
(a) Edward
(b) Mr. Ferrars
(c) Mrs. Jennings
(d) Robert

3. Who does Mrs. Jennings think Elinor is getting married to?
(a) WiIloughby
(b) Sir John
(c) Edward
(d) Colonel Brandon

4. Who does Elinor receive a letter from?
(a) Willoughby
(b) Edward
(c) Anne
(d) Lucy

5. Why is Elinor glad her relationship with Edward has ended?
(a) She feels less depressed
(b) She could not live without money
(c) She did not really love him
(d) She won't have to associate with his awful mother

6. Who does Mrs. Jennings think will be a minister at Elinor's wedding?
(a) Edward
(b) Sir John
(c) John Dashwood
(d) Willoughby

7. Who are the next people to arrive in London?
(a) The Steele sisters
(b) John and Fanny Dashwood
(c) The Palmers
(d) The Ferrar brothers

8. What is Elinor's reaction to the news that Edward is not marrying Lucy?
(a) She slaps Edward across the cheek
(b) She begs him to marry her
(c) She cries for joy
(d) She asks Edward to leave

9. What do Elinor's visitors in this chapter urge her to do while in Cleveland?
(a) Try the local ale
(b) Visit Edward
(c) Go mushroom picking
(d) Visit Colonel Brandon

10. Why does Colonel Brandon tell Elinor his story?
(a) For sympathy
(b) To appear a good match for Marianne
(c) To make Marianne feel better
(d) To appear a good match for Elinor

11. Why can Mrs. Dashwood not forgive Willoughby?
(a) Because he has little money
(b) Because of his treatment of Marianne
(c) Because of his treatment of Miss Williams
(d) She does not like him enough

12. Where are the Dashwoods preparing to travel to?
(a) Leighton Buzzard
(b) Durham
(c) Cleveland
(d) Newcastle

13. What does Marianne reproach her sister for being?
(a) Sarcastic
(b) Emotionally detached
(c) Angry
(d) Frightened

14. Why does Elinor think Lucy is attracted to Robert?
(a) He is unpredictable
(b) He is better looking than Edward
(c) He is just like her sister Anne
(d) Because he stands to inherit a lot of money

15. Who do the Dashwoods see while out?
(a) Edward
(b) Sir John Middleton
(c) Willoughby
(d) John Dashwood

Short Answer Questions

1. Why is Elinor surprised at her friends?

2. Where do the Dashwoods travel to next?

3. What does Elinor tell Marianne?

4. How much money does Mrs. Ferrars give her son?

5. Who is the next person to arrive in Cleveland?

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