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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why is Elinor upset?
(a) Colonel Brandon has withdrawn his offer of the parsonage
(b) Edward is ill
(c) She thinks Edward is marrying Lucy
(d) Her mother is unhappy

2. Who arrives at the cottage unexpectedly?
(a) John Dashwood
(b) Mrs. Ferrars
(c) Edward
(d) Willoughby

3. How does Elinor initially react to Willoughby's appearance?
(a) She faints
(b) She shouts at him and insists he leaves
(c) Horrified, she tries to leave the room
(d) She throws a bucket of water over him

4. Who does the Dashwood's servant say she saw in town?
(a) Mr. Ferrars
(b) Mrs. Jennings
(c) Edward
(d) Robert

5. Who does Mrs. Jennings say will now marry Marianne?
(a) Colonel Brandon
(b) Edward
(c) John Dashwood
(d) No one

6. What does Marianne decide in this chapter?
(a) She is over Willoughby
(b) She has been very naive
(c) She loves Brandon
(d) She still loves Willoughby

7. What does Elinor learn from Anne Steele?
(a) Edward has broken off his engagement with Lucy
(b) Lucy knows Elinor is in love with Edward
(c) Lucy has take ill
(d) She is engaged to Colonel Brandon

8. What does Elinor tell Marianne?
(a) Willoughby's story about Miss Williams
(b) That Willoughby never loved her
(c) That Colonel Brandon wants to marry her
(d) That she is a bad person

9. Why would moving to Delaford cause Elinor pain?
(a) She will be too far away from Edward
(b) She would be too near WIlloughby
(c) She will be too close to Edward
(d) She would not be around enough people

10. What does John Dashwood suggest in his letter?
(a) That Mrs. Dashwood comes to live with them at Norwood
(b) That Edward writes his mother a letter to apologize
(c) That Elinor marries Colonel Brandon
(d) That Mrs. Dashwood should get a job

11. How does does Lucy win favor with Mrs. Ferrars?
(a) Supporting her financially
(b) Through flattery
(c) Nursing her when she falls ill
(d) Taking her shopping

12. After Brandon leaves, who other than Marianne are the only two people that remain?
(a) Mr. Palmer and Mrs. Jennings
(b) Elinor and Mrs. Jennings
(c) Elinor and Margaret
(d) Mr. Palmer and Elinor

13. Why is Colonel Brandon pleased?
(a) Because of the attention Marianne bestows on him
(b) Because Marianne is better
(c) Because Mrs Dashwood buys him a thank you gift
(d) Because he has inherited some money

14. Who enters the room when Lucy and Elinor are having a conversation?
(a) Robert Ferrars
(b) Willoughby
(c) Edward
(d) Colonel Brandon

15. Why is Marianne pleased to be going to Cleveland?
(a) She will be in the country air
(b) She will be able to forget about Willoughby
(c) She will be nearer to Barton
(d) Colonel Brandon lives near by

Short Answer Questions

1. Where do Marianne and Elinor move to?

2. What does Marianne reproach her sister for being?

3. Who is the next person to come to London?

4. Where do the Dashwoods and Mrs. Jennings go?

5. What does John Dashwood say he has bought?

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