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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Elinor learn from Anne Steele?
(a) Lucy knows Elinor is in love with Edward
(b) Edward has broken off his engagement with Lucy
(c) Lucy has take ill
(d) She is engaged to Colonel Brandon

2. Why is Fanny happy that Edward has found a job at the parsonage?
(a) He has wanted to get a job all his life.
(b) He is finally doing something with his life
(c) She can visit him.
(d) She won't have to support him.

3. Why is Elinor upset?
(a) Edward is ill
(b) Colonel Brandon has withdrawn his offer of the parsonage
(c) Her mother is unhappy
(d) She thinks Edward is marrying Lucy

4. How much money does Mrs. Ferrars give her son?
(a) 20,000 pounds
(b) 5,000 pounds
(c) 10,000 pounds
(d) 2,000 pounds

5. Who does Willoughby say he loves?
(a) Elinor
(b) Marianne
(c) Miss Williams
(d) Miss Grey

6. Why does Elinor think the marriage between Edward and Lucy was so quick?
(a) Because Edward fears he will change his mind
(b) Because Lucy has no patience
(c) Before anyone can stop them.
(d) Because Edward has no patience

7. Why is Mrs. Dashwood unhappy with herself?
(a) Because she married the wrong man
(b) Because she thinks she is to blame for Marianne's illness
(c) Because she thinks she could of done more to help Elinor
(d) Because she thinks she could of gotten money out of John if she had tried harder

8. What does Elinor tell Marianne?
(a) That she is a bad person
(b) That Colonel Brandon wants to marry her
(c) That Willoughby never loved her
(d) Willoughby's story about Miss Williams

9. What does John Dashwood say he has bought?
(a) A farm
(b) A village
(c) A church
(d) A factory

10. Why has Mrs. Smith disowned him?
(a) He does want to marry anybody.
(b) He does not mix with good enough company
(c) He only wants Marianne
(d) She found out about his affair with Miss Williams

11. What does Lucy Steele tell Elinor?
(a) She has broken off the engagement with Edward
(b) She has fallen in love with John Dashwood
(c) Edward is in town
(d) Colonel Brandon is in love with Elinor

12. Who is Robert Ferrars marrying?
(a) Miss Palmer
(b) Miss Morton
(c) Miss Grey
(d) Miss Smith

13. Why is Fanny upset?
(a) John has given the Dashwoods money
(b) She has received a letter from an ex-lover
(c) She hears Edward is engaged to Lucy
(d) Her husband is having an affair

14. What does Marianne agree to accept?
(a) Willoughby's guilt
(b) That Brandon is a good man
(c) That Willoughby did not love her
(d) That she does have the charm to marry someone like Willoughby

15. Who are the next people to arrive in London?
(a) The Palmers
(b) The Ferrar brothers
(c) John and Fanny Dashwood
(d) The Steele sisters

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Colonel Brandon leave?

2. What illness does Marianne contract?

3. How does Elinor react to Edward's sudden appearance?

4. Why does Mrs Palmer leave the house when Marianne falls ill?

5. Who arrives at the cottage unexpectedly?

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