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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Which one of the sisters does Edward Ferrars devote his time to?
(a) Lucy
(b) Margeret
(c) Elinor
(d) Marianne

2. Which two major character does Austen introduce in this chapter?
(a) Fanny and John Dashwood
(b) Sir John Middleton and Lady Middleton
(c) Mr and Mrs Ferrars
(d) Lucy and Anne Steele

3. Who do the Dashwoods visit at the beginning of the chapter?
(a) John and Fanny Dashwood
(b) Edward
(c) Willoughby
(d) Lady Middleton

4. What does Lucy ask Elinor to do to help Edward become a minister?
(a) Persuade John to give Edward Norland Parish
(b) Buy him a bible
(c) Talk to him about it
(d) Let him be the rector at her wedding

5. Who does Sir John bring to Barton Park?
(a) The Steele sisters
(b) John Dashwood
(c) Edward
(d) Willoughby

6. What secret does Brandon reveal to Elinor?
(a) That he has had an unhappy love affair with a woman similar to Marianne
(b) That he is already married
(c) That he is in love with her
(d) That he is AWOL

7. Why could Willoughby not marry Marianne?
(a) He lives too far away
(b) His family would not allow it
(c) He did not love her
(d) He was in too much debt

8. How much money does Fanny convince John to give his sisters and stepmother?
(a) 1,000 pounds
(b) None
(c) 500 pounds
(d) 100 pounds

9. Who does Mrs. Jennings say is coming to town?
(a) Mrs. Dashwood
(b) Mr. and Mrs. Palmer
(c) The Middletons
(d) The Steele sisters

10. What does Lucy want Edward to do for a living?
(a) Become a minister
(b) Become a politician
(c) Become an actor
(d) Become a playwright

11. Who does Elinor hope to find more about while in London?
(a) John Dashwood
(b) Edward
(c) Willoughby
(d) Fanny

12. Which of the following phrases does Austen use to describe Edward's mood?
(a) Brooding
(b) Eccentric
(c) Ugly and dark
(d) Not in good spirits

13. Which of the following words does Austen use to describe Sir John?
(a) A sportsman
(b) A charlatan
(c) A libertine
(d) A rogue

14. Whose lock of hair does Edward claim it is?
(a) His brother's
(b) His own
(c) Fanny's
(d) Lucy's

15. Why does Mrs. Dashwood not want her daughters to mingle?
(a) She is worried for their safety
(b) They are no suitable men to mingle with
(c) She does not like Sir John
(d) She does not want the girls to borrow Sir John's carriage

Short Answer Questions

1. Which character does Mrs. Dashwood take an immediate dislike to?

2. Why does Mrs. Jennings worry about the Colonel?

3. What kind of woman does Marianne and Willoughby think Brandon attracts?

4. For how long do Lucy and Anne stay at Barton Park?

5. What are the first names of the Steele sisters?

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