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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 33 | Chapter 34.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Elinor keep herself busy when Edward leaves?
(a) She visits the Middleton's everyday
(b) She goes for walks with Mariane
(c) She draws
(d) She does the housework

2. Why does Elinor chastise her sister?
(a) She insults Elinor
(b) She offends the Colonel
(c) She entered Willoughby's house alone with him
(d) She refuses to play the piano

3. Who does Mrs. Jennings say is coming to town?
(a) Mrs. Dashwood
(b) Mr. and Mrs. Palmer
(c) The Middletons
(d) The Steele sisters

4. Whose lock of hair does Edward claim it is?
(a) His own
(b) His brother's
(c) Lucy's
(d) Fanny's

5. What arrives at Mrs. Jennings house while they are out?
(a) A card from Willoughby
(b) A carriage
(c) A gift from Willoughby
(d) A horse

Short Answer Questions

1. Why is Edward reluctant to leave?

2. Why does Elinor think her situation with Edward is better than Marianne's situation with Willoughby?

3. How long does Edward stay with the Dashwoods?

4. What does Marianne notice under Edward's ring?

5. Which nearby manor do the character's intend to visit the next day?

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