Objects & Places from Sense and Sensibility

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Sussex - County in southeast England.

Norland Park - The Dashwood's family home.

annuity - A sum of money paid out yearly.

China and Linen - Mrs. Dashwood brings this from her old house.

Cowper - His Romantic poetry is passionate about nature.

Barton Park - The home of Sir John and Lady Middleton.

Barton Cottage - The new home of the Dashwood's.

Devonshire - A county in southwest England.

Piano Forte - She and Willoughby would often play it together, and when he leaves she plays their favorite songs over and over.

Flannel Waistcoat - An undergarment worn to keep warm.

Allenham - The home of Mrs. Smith.

Scott - A Romantic poet like Cowper.

Pope - An English poet whose writings preceded those of Cowper and Scott.

Second Attachment - It means being in love a second time.

Somersetshire - The county home to Combe...

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