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Write two Monologues.

Write two monologues that express the different thoughts of Marianne and Elinor. Remember that Elinor's monologue should express her sense while Marianne's should express her sensibility.

Act out an Argument

Divide into pairs. One person should take the role of Colonel Brandon and the other person should take the role of Willoughby. You should then argue each others case for marrying Marianne.

Find two Examples in Contemporary Society that Relate to the Novel

At home find two newspaper clipping or web articles that relate to someone marrying for love and someone marrying for money. Discuss how much society has changed since the eighteenth century.

Write a Short Scene

Choose a scene from the novel and rewrite it showing what could of happened if Marianne's emotions were not kept in check by Elinor's logical thinking.

Divide into Groups of Four and Act!

Divide into groups of...

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