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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Emerson call history a parable of?
(a) Time and space.
(b) Phraseology in another country.
(c) Right and wrong.
(d) My being and becoming.

2. Which faith does Emerson NOT mention as an example of "creeds and churches"?
(a) Calvinism.
(b) Lutheranism.
(c) Quakerism.
(d) Swedenborgism.

3. What kind of prayer does Emerson call "vicious"?
(a) Disheartened prayer.
(b) Prayer that craves a particular commodity.
(c) Prayer that appeals thoughtlessly to God.
(d) Dishonest prayer.

4. What will we gladly do when we have "new perception"?
(a) "Disburden the memory of its hoarded treasures."
(b) "Use words as good when occasion comes."
(c) "Live as strong men."
(d) "Live with God."

5. What does Emerson call "primary wisdom"?
(a) The fundamental essence of one's own character.
(b) Spontaneity.
(c) A sense of being.
(d) Intuition.

Short Answer Questions

1. At which point is a person willing to "let the words go"?

2. At what have men looked "so long that they have come to esteem the religious, learned, and civil institutions as guards"?

3. Emerson compares society to what in saying "(it) moves onward, but the water of which it is composed does not"?

4. What does God communicate when he speaks, according to Emerson?

5. Who instructed the world, according to Emerson?

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