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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Emerson say adults feel in looking into the faces of children?
(a) Disconcerted.
(b) Powerful.
(c) Hopeful.
(d) Conquered.

2. What does Emerson say a man speaking his opinions would do to other men?
(a) Force them to tell the truth.
(b) Force them to listen.
(c) Put them in fear.
(d) Force them to see the truth.

3. What is Emerson referring to when he states: "It will be found symmetrical" in talking about consistency vs. contradiction?
(a) A man's character reflects the society he lives in.
(b) Every man's character reflects his own life.
(c) Emerson's own thoughts reflect his life.
(d) A good character is always the same on the outside as on the inside.

4. Emerson says boys try and sentence people and facts based on what?
(a) Their own mind.
(b) Their intuition.
(c) Their characters.
(d) Their merits.

5. What are "sallies" of will?
(a) Demonstrations.
(b) Ventures outside of the norm.
(c) Motivating factors.
(d) Role models.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Emerson claim is the virtue "in most request"?

2. What does Emerson claim "statesmen and philosophers and divines" adore?

3. To which "iron string" does Emerson say every heart vibrates?

4. What does Emerson say boys don't worry about?

5. Why does Emerson say we distrust our sentiment?

Short Essay Questions

1. In paragraph 36, Emerson talks about real and false prayer. Describe the difference.

2. In paragraph 7, Emerson writes: "If I am the Devil's child, I will live then from the Devil." What point is he trying to make with this provocative claim?

3. What does Emerson say about sympathy in paragraph 37?

4. Emerson describes insightfully in paragraph 9 when it is easy to live according to his philosophy and when it is difficult. Explain this insight.

5. What does Emerson say about strength in numbers?

6. Explain Emerson's comparison in paragraph 15 of a character to an acrostic.

7. In paragraph 14, Emerson portrays the relationship between consistency and being misunderstood. Explain this relationship.

8. What does Emerson say about involuntary perception (paragraph 21)?

9. What is the "ONE" Emerson is referring to when he writes: "The resolution of all into the ever-blessed ONE" at the beginning of paragraph 27?

10. Aside from the consequences faced within society, Emerson mentions in paragraph 12 one other factor that causes consistency. What is it?

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