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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Emerson recommend we do in our relationships with our family?
(a) Ask them for help in building our self-reliance.
(b) Help them build their own self-reliance.
(c) Accept them for who they are.
(d) Stop living according to their expectations.

2. No one but whom can teach us "that which (we) can do best"?
(a) Our Inner Voice.
(b) Our maker.
(c) Ourselves.
(d) Our Divine Spirit.

3. What kind of prayer does Emerson call "vicious"?
(a) Dishonest prayer.
(b) Prayer that appeals thoughtlessly to God.
(c) Prayer that craves a particular commodity.
(d) Disheartened prayer.

4. What does Emerson claim has happened to "the highest truth on this subject" in referencing the point of the essay overall?
(a) It remains unsaid.
(b) It cannot be understood.
(c) It cannot prevail.
(d) It shall remain a mystery.

5. What does Emerson claim we have become, in stating that man will see that we need his ethics?
(a) Dejected complainers.
(b) Hopeless whiners.
(c) Passive snivelers.
(d) Desponding whimperers.

6. Which of the following does Emerson NOT say "looks abroad" in talking about mimicking other countries?
(a) Our Religion.
(b) Our Education.
(c) Our Passion.
(d) Our Art.

7. How does Emerson say a cultivated man feels about his property?
(a) Respectful.
(b) Proud.
(c) Satisfied.
(d) Ashamed.

8. How does Emerson describe perception?
(a) Perception is different for each person.
(b) Perception is as much a fact as the sun.
(c) Perception is something one chooses on one's own.
(d) Perception should be contradicted.

9. Emerson says we should do what instead of sitting down to "cry for company" with others?
(a) Impart to them will and self-sufficiency in course precision of reality.
(b) Impart to them friendship and companionship in uncomplicated sympathy.
(c) Impart to them truth and health in rough electric shocks.
(d) Impart to them strength and good will in simple sweetness.

10. Which of the following countries does Emerson NOT mention in talking about traveling?
(a) Italy.
(b) Greece.
(c) Egypt.
(d) China.

11. Emerson claims that there are "two confessionals, in one or the other of which we must be shriven." What are the confessionals he is referring to?
(a) God and others.
(b) God and the Church.
(c) God and the self.
(d) Others and the self.

12. Which system does Emerson accuse of fostering restlessness?
(a) Our system of politics.
(b) Our system of travel.
(c) Our system of religion.
(d) Our system of education.

13. Emerson says that another person of greater obedience can master him, although he does not do what?
(a) Openly challenge him.
(b) Raise his finger.
(c) Appeal to armies.
(d) Speak a single word.

14. What does Emerson call history a parable of?
(a) Time and space.
(b) My being and becoming.
(c) Phraseology in another country.
(d) Right and wrong.

15. What is a man worth that "tries all the professions"?
(a) A thousand college students.
(b) A hundred city dolls.
(c) Less than a farmer.
(d) Less than a minister.

Short Answer Questions

1. What will we gladly do when we have "new perception"?

2. In the state of having "life in yourself" that Emerson describes, what does he claim is of no account?

3. Which of the following things does Emerson NOT name in explaining what man is "one with"?

4. What do young men do if they fail in their first enterprises?

5. Emerson claims that a man or company of men can overpower "all cities, nations, kings, rich men, poets" when he or they posses which characteristic?

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