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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What "...may be safely trusted as proportionate and of good issues, so it be faithfully imparted..."?
(a) The power that resides in us.
(b) Our own preestablished harmony.
(c) The divine idea each of us represents.
(d) The character that makes an impression on us.

2. What does Emerson say he does not need in talking about virtuous action?
(a) The assurance of philanthropists.
(b) Consent to do good.
(c) Courage and charity.
(d) The assurance of his fellows.

3. What does Emerson claim will happen when you do your work?
(a) You shall reinforce yourself.
(b) You shall reap what you sow.
(c) You shall become refined in character.
(d) You shall gain strength against your opposition.

4. What is an institution the lengthened shadow of?
(a) All great men.
(b) A series of geniuses.
(c) One man.
(d) A great character.

5. What does Emerson say causes a man to come to the conviction that "...envy is ignorance"?
(a) Age.
(b) Upbringing.
(c) Wisdom.
(d) Education.

6. What is it that we put on in company according to Emerson?
(a) Our best dress.
(b) A new set of opinions.
(c) A feigned laugh.
(d) A forced smile.

7. What does Emerson say boys don't worry about?
(a) Their consciousness.
(b) Consequences.
(c) Being genuine.
(d) What others think.

8. What does Emerson call "...pretty oracles nature yields us..." when talking about examples of trusting oneself?
(a) The character of children.
(b) The actions of children.
(c) The face and behavior of children.
(d) The hearts of children.

9. What does Emerson say members are trying to secure in his comparison to joint-stock companies?
(a) Their bread.
(b) Their jobs.
(c) Their reputations.
(d) Their profits.

10. Who wrote the verses that Emerson mentions at the beginning of the first paragraph?
(a) A well-known author.
(b) An well-known painter.
(c) An unknown sculptor.
(d) An unknown painter.

11. What does Emerson say " all that concerns..." him?
(a) What I must do.
(b) What I believe.
(c) My own charities.
(d) My own thought.

12. What does Emerson say tendency does to variety of actions?
(a) Tendency unites all actions.
(b) Tendency kills the distinctness of variety.
(c) Tendency steers the course of a variety of actions.
(d) Tendency makes good any vice in a variety of actions.

13. Which of the following movements did Emerson NOT mention in his listing of "institutions"?
(a) Monachism.
(b) The Mongolian Empire.
(c) The Reformation.
(d) Abolition.

14. What is Emerson describing when he states: "In your metaphysics you have denied personality to the Deity: yet when the devout motions of the soul come ... they should clothe God with shape and color"?
(a) You must be wary of religious emotion.
(b) Your own ideas of God are unimportant.
(c) We can never truly know what God is like.
(d) It is acceptable to change one's mind.

15. Why does Emerson say a character is "like an acrostic"?
(a) No matter how you read it, it always spells the same thing.
(b) Human character is ever-changing.
(c) Human character is puzzling.
(d) Trying to understand one's character can be fun.

Short Answer Questions

1. What kind of expression does Emerson say that we begin to acquire with conformity?

2. What does Emerson insist men carry themselves in the presence of?

3. What does Emerson claim is the virtue "in most request"?

4. What does Emerson say is the lesson great works of art teach us?

5. What is Emerson referring to when he writes: "...seated at their heart, working through their hands..." in his description of those living according to his recommendations?

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