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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Emerson claim is the virtue "in most request"?
(a) Formidability.
(b) Self-reliance.
(c) Conformity.
(d) Innocence.

2. What does Emerson claim men believe about how they communicate their character?
(a) They believe their virtue and vice emit a breath every moment.
(b) They believe they communicate their virtue or vice only by overt actions.
(c) They believe they can communicate their virtue without their vice.
(d) They believe that communicating virtuous actions makes up for their vice.

3. What is Emerson describing when he states: "In your metaphysics you have denied personality to the Deity: yet when the devout motions of the soul come ... they should clothe God with shape and color"?
(a) You must be wary of religious emotion.
(b) Your own ideas of God are unimportant.
(c) It is acceptable to change one's mind.
(d) We can never truly know what God is like.

4. What does Emerson mean when he writes: "...yet when the devout motions of the soul come, yield to them heart and life, though they should clothe God with shape and color"?
(a) God will take on form even if you never believed in a deity.
(b) You should give up your life for those that give form to God.
(c) You will find that God has an actual form.
(d) Encourage the artists that paint the likeness of God.

5. Emerson explains in his essay exactly what it is that "scares us from self-trust." What is it?
(a) Our need to please others.
(b) Our need to be the same as others.
(c) Our religious duty.
(d) Our fear of God.

6. What does Emerson think about being misunderstood?
(a) It's inevitable.
(b) It's not as bad as people say.
(c) It's a compliment.
(d) It's the greatest risk in a great man's life.

7. Which words does Emerson want to have "gazetted and ridiculous henceforward"?
(a) Mediocrity and contentment.
(b) Conformity and consistency.
(c) Memory and reality.
(d) Society and philanthropy.

8. What does Emerson say about the occurrence of virtues?
(a) They are the exception rather than the rule.
(b) Society helps sustain virtue.
(c) Men are virtuous by nature.
(d) Virtue comes through action.

9. Which effort does Emerson insist we obey?
(a) The Godly effort.
(b) The Higher effort.
(c) The Almighty effort.
(d) The Divine effort.

10. What does Emerson say happens to the "voices which we hear in solitude" as we enter into the world?
(a) They become abstract.
(b) They grow faint and inaudible.
(c) They are affected by others.
(d) They become louder and more powerful.

11. What does Emerson say is a conspiracy against manhood?
(a) Nature.
(b) The world.
(c) Joint-stock companies.
(d) Society.

12. What does Emerson say members are required to surrender in his comparison to joint-stock companies?
(a) Liberty and freedom.
(b) Nature and freedom.
(c) Culture and education.
(d) Liberty and culture.

13. How does Emerson say it is easy to live after your own opinion?
(a) When your contemporaries agree with you.
(b) In your community.
(c) Among friends.
(d) In solitude.

14. What does Emerson say " all that concerns..." him?
(a) My own thought.
(b) What I must do.
(c) My own charities.
(d) What I believe.

15. What is it that we put on in company according to Emerson?
(a) Our best dress.
(b) A new set of opinions.
(c) A feigned laugh.
(d) A forced smile.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Emerson say we distrust our sentiment?

2. Which story does Emerson tell to get his point across about self-perception?

3. What does Emerson say conformity does in his objection to it?

4. What does Emerson claim most men have attached themselves to?

5. What does Emerson say is the lesson great works of art teach us?

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