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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Emerson referring to when he writes: "...seated at their heart, working through their hands..." in his description of those living according to his recommendations?
(a) God.
(b) The absolute trustworthy.
(c) That which is right.
(d) The best of intentions.

2. What kind of expression does Emerson say that we begin to acquire with conformity?
(a) The gentlest weak-minded expression.
(b) The gentlest asinine expression.
(c) The gentlest perceptive expression.
(d) The gentlest rational expression.

3. What does Emerson suggest about philanthropy?
(a) It is our right to be philanthropic.
(b) Philanthropy is the highest good.
(c) Philanthropy is our obligation to poor men.
(d) Philanthropy can be malice and vanity in disguise.

4. What is Emerson describing when he states: "In your metaphysics you have denied personality to the Deity: yet when the devout motions of the soul come ... they should clothe God with shape and color"?
(a) Your own ideas of God are unimportant.
(b) It is acceptable to change one's mind.
(c) You must be wary of religious emotion.
(d) We can never truly know what God is like.

5. What does Emerson say a man should learn to detect and watch?
(a) The actions of others.
(b) His own thoughts.
(c) His true character.
(d) His inner light.

6. What does Emerson say Joseph does with his coat?
(a) Leaves it "under the cloak of night."
(b) Leaves it behind "like an empty husk."
(c) Leaves it "in the hand of the harlot."
(d) Leaves it "among the darkest enemy."

7. Who or what does Emerson say he is living his life for?
(a) Itself.
(b) God.
(c) The higher good of society.
(d) Himself.

8. What does Emerson say boys don't worry about?
(a) Being genuine.
(b) Their consciousness.
(c) Consequences.
(d) What others think.

9. What is "Himmaleh"?
(a) An imaginary creature.
(b) A great ship.
(c) The Himalayan mountain range.
(d) A place like heaven.

10. Why does Emerson say that it is difficult to live his rule?
(a) Because you will always find people who know your character better than you.
(b) Because you will always find people who know your duty better than you.
(c) Because you will never find friends.
(d) Because you will always have to worry about what other people think

11. What does Emerson say he can anticipate if he knows your sect?
(a) Your beliefs.
(b) Your thoughts.
(c) Your argument.
(d) Your heart.

12. What does Emerson mean by the word "meanness" when he writes: "This rule ... may serve for the whole distinction between greatness and meanness"?
(a) Plainness.
(b) Spitefulness.
(c) Harshness.
(d) Hatefulness.

13. What is Emerson suggesting with his mention of Joseph and his coat?
(a) That we flee from God and religion.
(b) That we abandon the need to conform.
(c) That we abandon previous theories.
(d) That we flee from contradiction.

14. What does Emerson say man is jailed by?
(a) His interests.
(b) The youth.
(c) Other people.
(d) His consciousness.

15. What does Emerson say tendency does to variety of actions?
(a) Tendency makes good any vice in a variety of actions.
(b) Tendency steers the course of a variety of actions.
(c) Tendency unites all actions.
(d) Tendency kills the distinctness of variety.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Emerson say a man must know how to estimate in talking about society and nonconformity?

2. What does Emerson claim is the virtue "in most request"?

3. What word does Emerson use to describe people who live their own opinion "in the midst of the crowd"?

4. Where does Emerson say it is easy to live after the world's opinion?

5. What does Emerson say is the lesson great works of art teach us?

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