Self-Reliance Multiple Choice Test Questions

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Paragraphs 1-8

1. What does "Ne te quaesiveris extra" mean?
(a) Man is his own star.
(b) Do not reach outside yourself.
(c) Do not look outside yourself.
(d) Every man should do extra work.

2. Who wrote the verses that Emerson mentions at the beginning of the first paragraph?
(a) An unknown sculptor.
(b) An well-known painter.
(c) A well-known author.
(d) An unknown painter.

3. What does Emerson say is most important about verses like the ones he mentions at the beginning of the first paragraph?
(a) The thoughts they contain.
(b) The sentiment they instill.
(c) The writer's true feelings.
(d) The writer's character.

4. Which of the following figures does Emerson not mention as being an example of speaking one's mind?
(a) Milton.
(b) Plato.
(c) Socrates.
(d) Moses.

5. What does Emerson say a man should learn to detect and watch?
(a) The actions of others.
(b) His true character.
(c) His own thoughts.
(d) His inner light.

6. What does Emerson say is the lesson great works of art teach us?
(a) Truly great works of art inspire everyone.
(b) Obey your spontaneous impression.
(c) Art is a matter of personal taste.
(d) There are few true geniuses in the world.

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