Self-Reliance Fun Activities

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Art and Ideas

Create a visual depiction of the way art and literature affect our views. This could be a drawing, painting, collage, sculpture or something else. Be creative!

Mr. / Ms. Self-Reliant

Pretend you are going to hold a pageant, either called "Mr. Self-Reliant" or "Ms. Self-Reliant." What would your judging criteria be? Come up with a character that would be your pageant winner. Describe which qualities and talents your winner has.

I am Self-Reliant

Write a poem titled "I am Self-Reliant." Be creative and explain how this characteristic manifests itself in your life.

Do Not Think the Youth Has No Force

In paragraph 4, Emerson writes: "Do not think the youth has no force," urging adults not to underestimate the power of the young. Write an essay based on this idea.

Self-Reliance Today

Bring a news story (on TV, the Internet or in newspapers) to class depicting someone...

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