Self-Reliance Character Descriptions

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John Adams - This man (1735-1826) is a revolutionary with a combative style who becomes the second president of the United States.

John Quincy Adams - This man (1767-1848) is the son of the second president of the United States, who himself becomes the sixth president.

Samuel Adams - This man (1722-1803) is a leader of the American Revolution who later serves in Congress.

Gustavus Adolphus - This man (1594-1632) is a king of Sweden who reclaims territory held by Denmark, Russia and Poland.

Alfred - This man (849-899) is a Saxon king who keeps the Danes from overrunning southwest England.

Ali ibn-abu-Talib - This man (600-661) is the son-in-law of the Islamic prophet Muhammad and his acknowledged successor.

Anaxagoras - This man (500-428 B.C.) is a Greek philosopher of nature who discovers that solar eclipses are caused by the moon obscuring the sun.


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