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Paragraphs 1-8

• Emerson begins his essay with the words "Ne te quaesiveris extra," Latin for "Do not look outside yourself."

• Truly believing in your own thought is genius.

• Moses, Plato and Milton are examples of men believing in their own thought and not what others believe.

• Emerson stresses the importance of being aware of and listening to one's own thought processes.

• Art teaches us to listen to our own spontaneous impressions.

• There comes a time in every man's education in which he comes to believe that he alone is responsible for his own success.

• Each man comes to believe that he alone can know what he is capable of.

• A man feels good when he has done his best and finds no peace when he has not.

• The people you meet and the events you experience are the place that "divine providence" has found for you. Accept this...

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