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Aravind Adiga
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who is Mohan's new landlord after they leave the slum for a better neighborhood?
(a) Dhobi Talao.
(b) Bal Thackeray.
(c) B.B. Balasubramaniam.
(d) Pramod Sawant.

2. When did Tommy Sir get married?
(a) 1982.
(b) 1974.
(c) 1991.
(d) 1979.

3. Who is described as the "Permanent Boss of the city" that lives at the Matoshree compound in Part One?
(a) Tommy Sir.
(b) Bal Thackeray.
(c) Pramod Sawant.
(d) Anand Mehta.

4. Whom does Mohan make a call to regarding the status of a piece of ancestral land in his village in Part One?
(a) Bal Thackeray.
(b) Tommy Sir.
(c) Ramnath.
(d) Alur.

5. How long ago does the narrator say Manju and Radha's father brought them to Mumbai when Pramod first begins following Manju's games in Part One?
(a) 9 years ago.
(b) 2 years ago.
(c) 7 years ago.
(d) 5 years ago.

6. The spotty-necked girl says, regarding cricket, when she is out with Manju and Radha in Part One that nothing that does what can be called a sport?
(a) Uses a timer.
(b) Stops for lunch.
(c) Requires padding.
(d) Requires a bat.

7. Whom does Srinivas describe discovering as a cricket player for India when he meets the cricketers practicing with Manju in Part One?
(a) B.B. Balasubramaniam.
(b) Ravi Shastri.
(c) Bal Thackeray.
(d) Dhobi Talao.

8. In Mohan's "Cricket Rules," what is one to do with one's head?
(a) Keep it tilted left.
(b) Keep it down.
(c) Keep it tilted right.
(d) Keep it absolutely still.

9. When Radha and Manju take a yearly visit to their home village from Mumbai, where do they get off the train, according to the narrator in Part One?
(a) Chennai.
(b) Kolkata.
(c) Pune.
(d) Mangalore.

10. Who is described in Part One as the "father of modern education in the suburb of Bandra"?
(a) Ravi Shastri.
(b) Anand Mehta.
(c) Eknath Solkar.
(d) Karim Ali.

11. In an article that Tommy Sir published three years ago in the Mumbai Sun, he wrote that "cricket is the triumph of civilization over" what?
(a) "Culture."
(b) "Poverty."
(c) "Commerce."
(d) "Instinct."

12. Why does Coach Sawant tell Mohan he has to leave during the meeting with Tommy Sir in Part One?
(a) Because Tommy Sir wants to adopt the boys.
(b) Because Tommy Sir is agorophobic.
(c) Because Tommy Sir hates fathers.
(d) Because Tommy Sir will speak to him afterwards.

13. How old is Pramod Sawant described during his meeting with Tommy Sir in the beginning of Part One?
(a) His late 40s.
(b) His early 40s.
(c) His early 30s.
(d) His late 20s.

14. What does "MIG" refer to in the MIG Cricket Club?
(a) Multiple Imaging Group.
(b) Middle Income Group.
(c) Men's Investment Group.
(d) Medical Investment Group.

15. Who is the 15-year-old student of the Ali Weinberg School in Bandra that Mohan and his sons watch on television at their new home in Part One?
(a) Bal Thackeray.
(b) B.B. Balasubramaniam.
(c) Javed Ansari.
(d) Dhobi Talao.

Short Answer Questions

1. In what year did Sunny Gavaskar lose the ability to leave the ball outside the off-stump according to Tommy Sir in Part One?

2. Where is Mohan taken when he is injured after an argument with his sons in Part One?

3. Whom does Manju and Radha's father say has given a secret blessing to his family in Part One?

4. Where does Pramod describe the younger Kumar batting today in a cricket game when talking to Tommy Sir in Part One?

5. According to Mohan's rules for his sons, what "will destroy anything, even a secret contract with God"?

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