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Aravind Adiga
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Pages 195 - 242.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What town in the Satara district does Tommy Sir hike around each year by himself?
(a) Visakhapatnam.
(b) Mahabaleshwar.
(c) Mangalore.
(d) Ahmedabad.

2. Whom does Manju tell on the phone that his father wants him to give back the England scholarship?
(a) Javed Ansari.
(b) Eknath Solkar.
(c) Ravi Shastri.
(d) Anand Mehta.

3. Of Sofia, the narrator says, "... she could pull anything off: she knew her prerogative as a rich girl in Mumbai, which was to be" what?
(a) "Like her mother."
(b) "One step ahead of the city she lived in."
(c) "A ghost on the walls, silent and obedient."
(d) "The fulfiller of her father's wishes."

4. To whose house is Radha fleeing in his home village after the attack on Selection Day?
(a) Uncle Ramnath's house.
(b) Uncle Ravi's house.
(c) Uncle Jignesh's house.
(d) Uncle Revanna's house.

5. Where does the "spotty-necked" girl's father own a chemical plant?
(a) Chembur.
(b) Thane.
(c) Govandi.
(d) Mankhurd.

Short Answer Questions

1. How many rupees each month is Mehta obligated to give the Kumars, according to the contract Mohan signs in Part One?

2. Who is the bar manager that serves Mohan when he goes to the bar in the morning after Selection Day?

3. Who is described as "the face" of cricket in Part One?

4. Whom does Manju and Radha's father say has given a secret blessing to his family in Part One?

5. Who is the manager of Deepa Bar?

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