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Aravind Adiga
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Pages 60 - 135.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What letter is sequined on the handbag of the spotty-necked girl when she goes out to eat with Manju and Radha?
(a) H.
(b) R.
(c) S.
(d) I.

2. How old does Tommy Sir say he was when he began working on a history of the Maratha campaign at the third battle of Panipat in Part One?
(a) 32.
(b) 21.
(c) 26.
(d) 19.

3. Where is Pramod Sawant the head cricket coach in Part One?
(a) The Ali Weinberg International School.
(b) The London Cricket Association.
(c) The Bal Thackeray International School.
(d) The Mumbai Cricket Association.

4. What does Radha tell Manju he is going to buy him as soon as they have money in Part One?
(a) A bat.
(b) Shoes.
(c) A jacket.
(d) A glove.

5. What does "MIG" refer to in the MIG Cricket Club?
(a) Medical Investment Group.
(b) Multiple Imaging Group.
(c) Men's Investment Group.
(d) Middle Income Group.

Short Answer Questions

1. What river is described in Part One as "a rock-filled sewer, lit up by egrets and the flutter of a paddy-bird returning to its nest of twigs"?

2. How much money does Manju carry to buy peanuts and water after the cricket game in Part One?

3. At what time would Radha's father take him out every day for cricket practice when he was four years old, according to the narrator in the beginning of the novel?

4. What is the name of the building where Mohan moves with his sons after leaving the slum?

5. When does Part One of the novel open?

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