Objects & Places from Selection Day: A Novel

Aravind Adiga
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This sport serves as a motif throughout Selection Day and represents success to the main characters in the novel.

“Young Lions”

This television show that is frequently watched by the Kumars highlights sports and the achievements of the Kumar sons.

"CSI Las Vegas"

This television show is a favorite of Manju's and represents his ambitions outside of the world of sports.


These objects are representative of Mohan's obsession with control over his sons.


This word, which means darkness in Kannada, symbolizes despair and alienation in the novel.


This is the capital city of the Indian state of Marharashtra and is the home of Manju, Radha, and Mohan.

Western Ghats

This setting is a mountain range that runs parallel to India’s west coast. This is the region from which the Kumars originated.


This is the name of the slum where Mohan and his...

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